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MIT-Talk subscribe instructions (Mormons In Transition)

To gain access to the MIT-Talk forum, there is a two step approach.

First, you must have an account, which you can create here or login here if you have an account already. By creating an account, you will have access to post and comment in our many forums.

Second, you must request access to MIT-Talk by filling out a form on this page that is only visible once you have an account. When your request is approved, you will then gain access to MIT-Talk, a "members only" forum on this website.

The nature of this discussion group is such that we keep all posts private from public view so each member knows they can safely express their feelings. We hope to keep it a safe, homey place where you can share your story, questions, doubts, triumphs and frustrations as you work through the transition out of and away from the LDS religion and the Mormon organization.