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Joseph like Warren Jeffs

When certain men come on the spiritual scene today and use their prophetic status to justify taking multiple wives, few if any view this with anything but disgust and abhorrence. So why do LDS people continue to defend Joseph's similar actions? Here is a good summary article showing how Joseph's polygamy parallel's that of Warren Jeffs.

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I think the correct link may be this one: I'm grateful that there are so many things wrong with mormonism that it is easy to see your way clearly out of it when you are brave enough to start looking at it for what it is. And so grateful that God set up a very easy way to test a prophet. As a young seminary student I would try to ask questions about polygamy and get the run-around. I am curious about what is being taught to the LDS youth today. This was a big hang-up for me back then and is one thing that started me searching for answers as an adult. God has given us our intuition for a reason. I believe that when something isn't right, He will definitely let us know and He let me know that way back then.According to US census records- the typcial age for marriage in the 1800's & right up until recent years has been early 20's. (The age is increasing to later 20s now.) So for a woman to marry younger than early 20's was not a normal thing. It never has been. For a man in Smith's age & status & power to coerce married women, other women, and children under his eccessiastical stweardship that they needed to marry him and have sexual relationships with him in secret is BEYOND anything I could ever imagine. It sickens me. He should have been thrown in jail for it and Mr. Law was doing the right thing by trying to expose him for the pervert he was. Warren Jeffs is in jail for it and Joseph Smith should have gotten the same punishment... the laws have not changed much-- it's still wrong! Go figure. My personal belief, based on the timelines of things & his development of his religion, godhead, and vision-- is that he had to make up the vision story to get these women to believe he had seen god and to get them to believe they would be goddesses with him in heaven someday. He probably had to convince his wife of it too-- imagine what he had to try & tell Emma to get her to accept all these women! What a load of garbage. He had to be very charismatic to get all these people to follow him and give them all they had-- just like Warren Jeffs. He is no different. We haven't even touched on his political status and how much that turned off his neighbors and could sway the votes all around wherever he went. What amazes me is that the LDS church claims to have authority from God- claims to speak for God-- yet they give no answers to their members and the members are okay with it. All they do is creatively delete words from statements that past prophets have said to make them more politically correct for the year we are living in. So- will "we" have polygamy in the next life? Ask the prophet! Let him tell you. Oh- he says he doesn't know, yet they practice it like they will have it-- so they answer is "yes" but they don't teach anything about it or prepare their people and converts for it. They just assume- you'll have different feelings when you die. I'm trying to figure out exactly what the mormon-god does tell the president to do- besides build a mall in SLC or a temple somewhere or how to use their billions of dollars for their corporate arm. They seem to be pretty good with the corporate side of things & making money.They are supposedly coming out with 13 essays to answer some serious questions about things... Where are these essays? Will they come from the president that they call a prophet? From the 12 board members that they refer to as apostles? I doubt these important essays will come from any high ranking official. How long will it take them to publish these essays? 13 decades? I'd like to know who is going to answer the questions and what questions they are going to address.