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Description and Guidelines

Beyond Mormon is a growing community of people who are first and foremost fellow image bearers of God. Because of that, mutual respect and compassion is the order of the day. Our spiritual dimension is assumed, but we ask that you not assume that the Mormon Church's version of Christianity is representative of the Christian faith as a whole - far from it. (You can check out the core differences here). Here you are allowed to believe or hope that Jesus has the answers, even if you are no longer sure the Mormon Church does. This online forum is a safe place for sharing, venting, investigating and exploring issues of life, faith and family with other former Mormons, questioning Mormons and sympathetic Never-Mo's. Beyond Mormon strives to provide a supportive atmosphere that accepts and appreciates traditional, Bible-based values, especially Jesus' double-love command: love God, love your neighbor as yourself - regardless of their cultural, religious,sexual or racial orientation.

We appreciate your interest in joining Beyond Mormon. Feel free to take a look at our community guidelines.

(1) No promoting of the LDS Church or religions rooted in Joseph Smith's restoration movement. There are other forums in which to do that.
(2) Do not privately contact members to promote Mormon doctrine or the LDS Church.
(3) No vulgarity or profanity. We understand the anger, hurt and betrayal that many people (including ex-Mormons) feel toward a religious system that they have come to see as deceptive and abusive. But please do not use vulgarity and profanity in postings to this group.
(4) No personal attacks. Strong disagreements are inevitable, but deal with the issues, not personalities.
(5) Honesty. Please be genuine in both your questions and replies regarding your doubts about the LDS Church and related issues.
(6) Keep it non-denominational - no promoting of particular Christian denominations. Here we keep the emphasis on Jesus and His teaching.
(7) Keep it family-friendly. This includes screen names, avatars, profile pictures and posts to the forum. Modesty and morality may be out of vogue for many, but they are never out of place.

Seek the truth, love the truth, speak the truth in love.