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Can I trust the Bible?

There are solid reasons for trusting the Bible as the inspired, reliable and relevant-today Word of God. Here's a place to post your comments, questions and find links to additional information on why the Bible can be trusted.

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This is a common scenario for my LDS and former Mormons: They discover the Book of Mormon or Book of Abraham have serious problems and have been seriously misrepresented by the LDS church. It is no longer credible to consider them divinely inspired scripture. How does that affect one's ability to trust the Bible?

We recommend Robert M. Bowman's great (but not too lengthy) treatment of this subject. He provides 6 solid lines of reasoning for why you should not toss the Bible along with the BOM or BOA.

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Well, I'm here!  Are we still going to receive MIT talk nots through our email?  Or will we need to come here?

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Hi Bonnie, you will not get messages via email any more, but I believe you can now subscribe to the RSS feed wihich can send you and email notification when there has been activity you are wanting to follow. 

hi! glad to fnd you! find myself all alone w no resources and cut off from the outside world in trying to do this as everybody i know is in the church :/ need emergency safe housing -can anyone help? 207-409-4408

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Hi  - am glad that Rog from our was able to get ahold of you. Sorry you are still in need of housing. Will continue to pray that God opens some doors for you.Joel

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Hey, Amazon has had some sales lately--free sales for their Kindle Version of R. C. Sproll's book on the reliability of the Bible. If you search for him as an author you'll get a whole list of his books. I highly recommend his teaching. He's very knowledable, and usually can teach all sides of a subject which is very helpful.