Land Freight Solutions

Manage a complete freight process on-road or be a part of air or ocean freight forwarding to conclude it favourably.
The most accessible freight forwarding service has to be the most advanced to better serve the people, thereby making it the most profitable to you.

Door-to-door pick-up to delivery is no more a complicated task. Logipulse land freight forwarding module allows you to create quotes, manage courier shipments, and be up to date on the warehouse space and inventory in real-time. Manual tasks, paperwork, weight calculation and more, are less time-consuming and tedious when replaced with the automated operations of the app. Also, you could easily convert your shipment into a domestic/export activity or a pickup/delivery order.
  • Multi Language Interface
    As the freight forwarding process involves many locations in single freight itself, it is necessary for you to have a global user interface with multiple languages. English is the globally accepted language and most of the time it is the language that connects people internationally, but your native local language is also equally important when it comes to the logistics business. You can switch between any language with a click. The entire application and data will switch to your desired language instantly. Logipulse is enabled with multiple languages to break the barrier of boundaries.
  • Multicurrency
  • Quotes
  • Jobs
  • Transportation
  • Integrated Finance Module
  • Data Sharing with Agencies and Branches
  • Direct Shipments and Consolidation (LTL and FTL)
  • Automated Rate Prediction
  • Charge Allotment
  • Integrated State Updates
  • Automated Documents Generation
  • Task Approvals and Permissions
  • Customer Portal & Tracking Using Waybill or Shipment number
  • Events Notifications and Escalation-Messages
  • Customizable Reports
  • Integrated Warehousing Solution
  • Barcode and Item tracking
  • Well Defined CRM Module

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What is land freight software?

Land freight software allows managing of all processes in road or rail cargo, including monitoring and real time tracking of any cargo sent by land. Most advanced systems would also be able to optimise frequently used routes.

What is FTL and LTL?

Full Truck Load is when one shipper uses the capacity of one entire truck to move the freight. Less Than Truckload is when only partial capacity of a single truck is used by multiple shippers.

How can Logipulse help me in keeping track of the enquiries and quotations?

Logipulse has an elaborate CRM and Sales module. You can create, assign a sales person, record your follow ups. Convert the enquiry to a quotation, and quotation to shipment through the software. Your data and progress is always up-to-date.

Is it possible for my shippers to check the status of their packages on Logipulse?

Yes, Logipulse provides a customer portal where your customers can check where their packages are when they use your services.

Can I handle my finance through Logipulse?

Yes, our operation module is fully integrable with our finance module. Data and charges entered at shipment or job level are directly captured into the finance module working in the background.

Is it possible to view my KPIs, reports, dashboards at a glance?

Logipulse has a state-of-the-art dashboard, allowing you to have an overview of your business. Areas that are performing well and areas that need more attention, giving you a better understanding of your business opportunities and challenges.