Air Freight Software

Be it the sky, let’s be ready in advance. Choose air freight consolidations instantly.
The advantage of Air Freight relies on its speed when you want a shipment quickly. With Logipulse innovative design and user-friendly interface, creating and managing your air shipments has never been smoother.

Logipulse gives you total control over your air export and import operations. The solution comes with a blend of numerous functions, as well as essential and important information, needed at a glance, to ensure that you and your customer are well informed and up-to-speed on the status of your consignment.
  • Multi Language Interface
    As the freight forwarding process involves many locations in single freight itself, it is necessary for you to have a global user interface with multiple languages. English is the globally accepted language and most of the time it is the language that connects people internationally, but your native local language is also equally important when it comes to the logistics business. You can switch between any language with a click. The entire application and data will switch to your desired language instantly. Logipulse is enabled with multiple languages to break the barrier of boundaries.
  • Multicurrency
  • Quotes
  • Jobs
  • Transportation
  • Integrated Finance Module
  • Data Sharing with Agencies and Branches
  • Direct Shipments and Consolidation
  • Automated Rate Prediction
  • Charge Allotment
  • Integrated State Updates
  • Automated Documents Generation
  • Task Approvals and Permissions
  • Air Waybill Bulk Purchase
  • Customer Portal & Tracking Using Air Waybill or Shipment number
  • Events Notifications and Escalation-Messages
  • Customizable Reports
  • Well Defined CRM Module

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What is air freight software?

Air freight software allows managing of all processes in air cargo, including monitoring and real time tracking of any cargo sent by air.

Can Logipulse freight forwarding software be configured to fit our business?

Yes, Logipulse is designed especially keeping the everyday operations and logistics accounting in mind. Should you need a specific requirement, our team would be able to customise the requirement too.

Does Logipulse support uploading documents needed for air freight transportation?

Yes, documents like Commercial Invoice, Certificate of Origin, Bill of Lading, Packing List and Customs Declaration, which are some of the mandatory documents in Air Freight can all be uploaded as attachments to the particular job or shipment on Logipulse.

How fast does your freight forwarding system allow us to track the progress of each transaction?

Logipulse send updates in real time so tracking your shipment and the progress of your shipment is literally just a click away.

How does air freight software help in business?

A good freight management system will increase productivity and automate several processes like data entry and accounting, making it ideal for everyday and recurring tasks. Logipulse allows you to manage air, ocean and ground freight all in one window without having to switch between screens.

How fast can I expect to benefit from the implemented freight forwarding system?

The benefits of switching over to an automated software are many and immediate like, efficiency, less errors, one time entry of recurring data and the overall management of the freight process.