Freight management and logistics management is important now than ever, especially in today’s world where the borders between countries get more blurred. Visibility, control, efficiency and speed over operations are critical in saving time and revenue.

A freight forwarding software automates the planning and coordinating of movement of goods, thereby making life for the freight forwarder much easier. This eliminates the need for paperwork; also cutting the operational cost considerably.

Logipulse is a freight management software providing you with a SaaS-based solution that helps you manage your freight forwarding business, end-to-end, and improve your operations.Our solution helps you achieve success in the least amount of time, with the fewest resources, to help implement this solution.

Why Choose Freight Forwarding Software for your Business?

With almost everything now being digitally available it was inevitable that the freight forwarding industry would also follow suit. Many freight forwarders have turned to a freight forwarding software to help manage their operations, inventory and shipments rather than relying on a third party.
Some key points where a freight management software makes a difference:

Automated Operations

Logipulse is a freight forwarding solution that automates your everyday tasks increasing efficiency in the workflow as well as reducing the risk of human error. It is also cheaper than hiring third-party service providers.Document handling is also more effective with easy attachments at every state of the shipment.


A good freight management system, like Logipulse, will have real-time analytics which helps you understand what areas of your operations need more improvement, in turn this can also aid in effective decision making.

Be in control

Using logistics management software not only automates your operations but also keeps you in the know at every step of a shipment life cycle.Logipulse supports alerts, notifications, triggers and internal messaging all which help in obtaining complete real-time visibility into your operations.

Finance Module

Logipulse boasts a detailed finance application fully integrated with the operations application with extensive and in-depth reports including profit and loss which allows you to monitor the financial well-being of the company. Invoicing is also made easier.

Different types of Freight Forwarding Software

Easy management of all your air shipments with tracking capability at the item level. With Logipulse, important documents like Master and House AWBs, manifests and customs documents etc can be uploaded directly to the shipment or job, thereby increasing the efficiency of operations.
Logipulse makes for easy creation and management of consolidated and House shipments. Easy container tracking as well as all necessary documents can be uploaded as well as email from the system itself using inbuilt email engine. This feature is available across all 3 modes of freight.
Logipulse allows for FTL and LTL shipments as well as consolidations and house shipments. The system will also allow to create quotations, convert to shipments and track shipments. In addition, all finance matters can also be handled through the software.

What Makes Logipulse Different from Other Freight Forwarding Software?

Unlike most freight forwarding software available in the market, Logipulse has a zero-processing fee at the time of onboarding. Another feature that sets us apart is our extensive and detailed event engine as well as our alerts and notifications which are available over in-system, email, SMS and WhatsApp too. Logipulse also facilitates very specific user management. You can allocate and decide who in your organisation has permission to view sensitive data or confidential information, or even how much access to that particular permission is allocated. Perhaps one of the best is our pay as you go feature, and you can cancel at any time.

Key Features of Logipulse Freight Forwarding Software

  • Multi Language
  • Multi Branch and Agency
  • Pleasant User Experience
  • Multi-Currency Tax Enabled Finance Module
  • Customisable Report Engine
  • Realtime Status Tracking
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • User Management–Permissions and Authorisations
  • Data Analytical KPI Dashboard
  • AI based SaaS platform
  • Mobile, Tablet, Desktop & Web
  • In-built Sales CRM Module

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What is a Freight Forwarding Management software?

A Freight Forwarding Management software will automate the everyday operations of a freight forwarder including the operations in Land, Ocean and Air freight, transportation, customs clearance and finance.

What are the steps in freight forwarding?

Freight forwarding can be defined as the moving of goods from one point to another and involves the pick-up, loading, transporting, storage and delivery of said goods, it could also involve the customs clearance. A good freight management system will automate all these steps, as well as finance, all under one platform.

Can I try Freight Forwarding software before deciding on buying it?

A good number of freight forwarding solutions companies offer a demo before purchasing the software. At Logipulse, we offer a free trial of 14 days.

What kind of support will your Freight Forwarding Management software team provide?

We have a dedicated after-sales service team who are available online and offline too.

Is a freight management or logistics management software easy to use for a non-technical person?

Logipulse is very user friendly and has been designed with a non-technical person in mind, and minimal training is required to understand the software required.

Is using a freight management software expensive?

Logipulse offers 3 tiers, each one having its own unique features. In addition, the application can also be customised to each buyers’ unique needs and budget.